Saturday, September 1, 2012

Copying Misao Fujimura

Broken line of shadow and light...
The delicate of life,
of the humane delight.
The zen of art,
while we feel it so beautiful...

Just one soulful of emptiness,
The imagination ends.
So surreal and so peaceful
in it the aesthetic sense.
Simple dreams were Kafka's philosophy.

For all the days,
all existence,
all meaning of past
Can be written in a life,
by then they're gone.

Ah, The straggle
All pain sealed within,
Struggle unresolved...
All paradoxes puzzle,
with nothingness, shall be solved.

Human always lost in,
this labyrinth of mine.
When we give up on riddles,
to sphinx we all die.

To ask is to answer;
to give in is to fathom.

Sorrow and melancholy,
together they wander,
Trail shall meet judgment
The end of juries' wonder.

万有之虚无,一答以解之,即 不可知。
终醒 最大之悲剧竟然为审判之落幕。

My own version of the poem.

Original version of Chinese and English translation

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