Saturday, September 1, 2012

Copying Misao Fujimura

Broken line of shadow and light...
The delicate of life,
of the humane delight.
The zen of art,
while we feel it so beautiful...

Just one soulful of emptiness,
The imagination ends.
So surreal and so peaceful
in it the aesthetic sense.
Simple dreams were Kafka's philosophy.

For all the days,
all existence,
all meaning of past
Can be written in a life,
by then they're gone.

Ah, The straggle
All pain sealed within,
Struggle unresolved...
All paradoxes puzzle,
with nothingness, shall be solved.

Human always lost in,
this labyrinth of mine.
When we give up on riddles,
to sphinx we all die.

To ask is to answer;
to give in is to fathom.

Sorrow and melancholy,
together they wander,
Trail shall meet judgment
The end of juries' wonder.

万有之虚无,一答以解之,即 不可知。
终醒 最大之悲剧竟然为审判之落幕。

My own version of the poem.

Original version of Chinese and English translation

Suicide Poem by Misao Fujimura.

Delicate line between heaven and earth...
The calm of the ages,
all the world's worth.
Such minuscule measure,
while we think it so grand...

Just five specks of smallness,
This soft quiet land.
So frail and so fleeting,
in the end you will see
Simple dreams were Horatio's philosophy.

For all the truth,
all creation,
all secrets of yore
Can be told in an instant,
by then they're no more.

Ah, The Unexplainable
All worries unsettled,
heartache unresolved...
All questions unanswered,
with death, shall be solved.

We already teeter,
this sheer cliff so high.
When we fall to corruption,
insecurities die.

To end is to start;
to surrender is to know.

Despair and depression,
together they grow.
Hope shall meet hopeless
when there’s nowhere to go.

萬有之真相,一言以蔽之,即 不可解。
始知 最大的悲觀竟等於最大的樂觀。

藤村操 Misao Fujimura's
Chinese and English translation of the poem.

A very beautiful and meaningful Poem.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A lady in rain

There are shadow, there are light,
There are angels, there are lies.
What is behind the darkest sky?
We fall; we fail in the mist of ignorance veil.
Lone heart and empty soul, where will you go?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the Memory of my beloved grandmother.

Death is the end of all life. It is something we always think of, fear of and in the end grieve of for the sad reality. Life passed on from the deceased to the living, and one day we will all face the only equality of life and follow the path of all living, paying the debt that all man pays. Often we asked, what is death? Is it an entity that wearing some cloak and holding a large scythe? Or it is just an eternal slumber that allows tired souls to rest forever in the hand of God from this absurd world? Memento Mori, remember we will surely die one day. Times up for someone, times goes on for others. The loss of one beloved soul is the gain of the memories of those we missed much. Family, Friends and Memories, they might fade away someday perhaps, but as long as we live, the burdens are ours to bear.

In the Memory of my beloved grandmother.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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在人生路上活得如此,就算很赚钱都好,但是中空的脑就是中空的脑而不会因为有那一点丁钱而完善他的中空脑袋价值观。这好比是无论一个盒子外表有多漂亮高贵都好,如果里面空的就是空的。一个人从说话,思考倒发表意见,如果中空的话,那么他的内容一直都只是个loop 而已,不值得发表,但是很可惜的这种人很多时候都要一直重复又重复那些无聊的意见以表达自己的存在价值。


而这种人,不管如何最后会发觉到当自己赖在道路中间时,会发觉原来世界是挡不住的。我只能很同情的对他们说声对不起此路不通,Give Way for others, 请让路转左,谢谢。

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Blue Rose

In a night of such loneliness, I saw you walked by, gazing sorrowful towards the void behind me.

Your beauty holds my breath, just like a blue rose that I can never touch.

I know I have fallen for you, for this moment that never again will be repeated.

Did you realize there are tears in your eyes? Did you hide your wounded heart?

I wish I can heal your broken smile.

Who is in your tearful eyes? Who is in your wounded heart?

I wish I can see through your heart.

But you did not see me. I am just a stranger that walked you by.

You are the blue rose in my heart, I shall remember the way we passed by.

I know I will be grieving for you, for the fate had just made us strangers.

Your beauty took my heart, just like a blue rose that I can never touch.

You are so alone in the dark, yet I know I will never be in your heart.

I am a stranger in your life and you are the blue rose that I can never touch.

Monday, October 3, 2011